Product Classification


  · Chuck
  · Stainless steel pulley
  · Spring hook
  · Stainless Steel Shackle Series
  · Stainless Steel Series amoena
  · Stainless steel boat buckle
  · Stainless steel rings
  · Stainless Steel Ring Series
  · Cargo hook
  · Stainless steel swivels
  · Anchor
  · U-Wire
  · Wiring devices
  · Rings


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Shandong Binzhou Xinglu Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd.

Add:Dici Street, Wudi County, Shandong

Tel:86-543-2156222 6499278





Binzhou, Shandong Province Xinglu Hong Stainless Steel Co., Ltd., is based on production, management of marine stainless steel rigging hardware-based export enterprises. (Pipe fittings, casting)
     The company occupies 30,000 square meters, 6,000,000 yuan of fixed assets, 110 employees, annual production on a rusty steel cable 6000000, 6 senior managers, professional and technical personnel 80 people, engineers, 5, and have 2 sets of domestic leading professional production lines of stainless steel. Leading products for a variety of non-dissatisfied amoena steel, screws, shackles, rotating ring, clamp, spring hook, cable, and screw rings, and a variety of cargo hook. Products sold to Europe, the United States, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia and other countries.
     Positive of the Company, to be creative and draw on advanced foreign technology are good at and bring into full play in information, technology, equipment, management strengths, to win States rigging stainless steel rigging business in the domestic production authorization. Quality of the partner at home.
     We strive to become an excellent manufacturer of process industry and users with a wide range of support and cooperation. Quality into the operating style of the letter has won wide recognition with the community we would like to establish a good working relationship, mutual and common development, promote social progress.


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